A SPECIAL effects shop that had been open for less than two weeks has had its windows smashed.

Phil Johnson - owner of the The Garden Den which opened on Saturday, September 8 - found his shop front window smashed from the bottom up just 10 days into trading on Bastion Road, Prestatyn.

Mr Johnson, of Dyserth, said: "It's only been less than two weeks and it's quite depressing to find out already that people are still doing stuff like this. I was very shocked to find my window smashed when I came to open up this morning.

"I don't know what happened exactly, but a few witnesses, who live on the street and above the shop, have come forward and have told us of a group of lads that were being a bit of a nuisance between 3am and 5am on Tuesday, September 18.

"There's a shop on the street getting some work done and apparently they were messing about with a wheelbarrow, some building materials and stuff from a skip.

"I don't know for certain it was them, but a witness heard a thump in the morning and the way the window was smashed looks like someone fell into it rather than trying to break in."

The shop, which specialises in special effects, costumes and props for sale, was broken at the bottom right side of the window frame.

A week later Mr Johnson added: "We're were waiting to see some CCTV footage from the street, after having contacted the police - but we've reached a dead end. We will now be installing two of our own cameras recording the front of the shop.

"We were also holding out for the possibility someone would come forward, but it's quite possible the person responsible might not even remember doing it.

"I don' think it was anything personal, and we're viewing it as a lesson learned, but we think it is really unfair that we have to foot the bill for what is likely the drunken escapades of someone else."

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "If anybody has any information is urged to contact us with the reference number W133424 by calling 101."