A RHYL lifeboat crew member has landed a seat at the table at Rhyl Town Council.

It was a narrow win for Reeve Turner (Welsh Labour), who will represent Bryn Heddyd.

With just 26 votes between them, the Rhuddlan nominee snatched the win over Justine Marie Evans (Welsh Conservatives) in the by-election.

Total votes cast were 560 and turn out was 35 per cent. Mr Turner received 38 per cent of the vote (215 votes), just four percent more than Ms Evans, an administrator for North Wales AM Mark Isherwood, who gained 34 per cent (189 votes).

Also on the ballot was ex- RAF and Army serviceman and former East Staffordshire borough councillor Steven Terence Dyche-Albane, of the Democrats and Veterans Party, who received 156 votes.