A CARE home is calling on the community for help to turn memories shared by residents into murals.

Vivienne Davies-Quarrell and Paul Quarrell, joint owners of Glen Devon care home in Rhyl, are looking for creative thinkers in order to move their project forward.

Mrs Davies-Quarrell said: "So many of our residents come from Rhyl and all have memories that are meaningful to them, but due to varying levels of recall memory problems, they just need a little help from the environment to access these memories. It is up to our wonderful staff to help bring these to life.

"Older people love to reminisce whether they have memory recall issues or not.

"We have a few creative residents and staff who would be able to get involved at different levels with the right support. We have just hatched the idea so we have a blank canvas so to speak.

"Some people would love a Rhyl promenade walk scene for example, the striped deck chairs and bandstand, whilst others would love the impression of a garden in summer.

"Many residents have contributed to different things to life in Rhyl and district over many years. Our minibus goes out three afternoons a week and takes residents out on regular living reminiscence outings along the coast and at other times, to Snowdonia and Knowsley Safari Park."

Residents too frail to take the minibus can enjoy the home's garden summer house which has been transformed into a Beach Hut Cafe.

The hut has been named Joyce, a nod to Joyce Royle, 82, who has been a member of Glen Devon staff since 1984.

Mrs Davies-Quarrell, who orginally established Glen Devon in 1982 having completed her mental health nurse training, added: "The staff wanted even the frailest of our residents to be able to experience a change of scene, where memories of the seaside can be triggered.

"In addition, we really wanted to recognise the contribution of an extraordinary woman.

"We have already transformed the little beach hut with coastal memorabilia - it really served as the inspiration for this project."

For the mural project, there are a number of areas throughout the home that Mrs Davies-Quarrell would be keen to transform.

Glen Devon supports individuals over the age of fifty living with memory difficulties due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a dementia. 

"One large mural in the conservatory that links to the garden and beach hut may be a great start," she added.

"We have a number of hallways that are plainly decorated but these could have more of a theme to them. Journeying through the home then would provide talking point and pleasure, helping all to connect memories and positive emotions.

"I would love to get involved myself, although I can’t remember when I last held a paint brush! 

"I will work very closely with those involved and provide as much support as I can once the project gets underway. I anticipate it will be a few weeks in the planning stage.

"We need to find the person or school or community group with the skills to help us co-orindate it all and bring it to fruition."

Anyone interested in helping with the project - individuals, community groups or schools - can email vivienne@glendevon-care.com