A PUB has had its licence suspended for a period of three months after a "drunk member of staff" hurled "foul-mouthed abuse" at police officers.

The Galley, on Vale Road in Rhyl, was visited in May by officers promoting the Pubwatch scheme. When they entered the Galley, they said they were abused by a member of the pub’s management team.

During a meeting of Denbighshire County Council's Licensing Sub Committee, it was decided that the designated premises supervisor be removed and that the premises licence would be suspended for three months, or until a time when North Wales Police indicate to the licensing authority that it is "satisfied" that the management of the premises is adhering to the licensing objectives and "is prepared to have some meaningful liaison with North Wales Police."

The licensing authority received an application, submitted by chief inspector Andrew Williams of North Wales Police, for the review of The Galley's licence, held by Vanessa Michelle Steele.

A report to the Licensing Sub-Committee stated: "The Galley was visited on the May 27 2018 as part of this [Pubwatch] initiative. During the visit, officers were subjected to foul language, confrontational and aggressive behaviour by a drunk male member of the management of the premises. Officers were of the opinion that the management team held some contempt to the Pubwatch scheme and would serve who they wished.

"Due to the nature of the concerns raised by North Wales Police regarding the visit, a letter was sent to the Premises Licence Holder inviting her to attend a meeting to discuss the recent visit and to agree a supportive way forward. In response to the letter, the premises licence holder stated that should she wish to become a member of the local Pubwatch scheme in future, she would inform the Police and Local Authority.

"Due to the Premises Licence Holder not addressing all of North Wales Police’ concerns, a further meeting was arranged to discuss the recent police visit and to agree a mutual understanding of the legal requirement of the premises to further promote the licensing objectives. The Premises Licence Holder failed to attend the meeting.

"In response to the review application, the premises licence holder has now suggested that she is willing to attend any local Pubwatch meetings."

Chief inspector Williams added: "Attended a license review hearing on a pub in Rhyl. A strong case resulted in a robust outcome.

"We didn’t want to be in this position in the first place, but we were left with no choice. Now looking forward to working with the management for the future."