FROM an adorable brown lemur, flamingo chicks resembling balls of cotton wool to excitable meerkat pups, a zoo is celebrating a spate of new arrivals.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay has welcomed its first brown lemur, called Figaro, and two drays - litters - of baby red squirrels. The lemur, a rare and endangered species, is its the first born at the National Zoo of Wales.

The most recent arrivals are a pair of meerkats, the first born to a new breeding pair.

Last month, the Pioneer captured the six flamingo chicks - named Pica, Arica, Vicuna, Chijo, Zorras and Imilac, after places in Chile - taking their first steps.

The flamingos, born in July, hatched within five consecutive days. Born with feathers of a soft white and grey cotton wool appearance, the birds won’t take on their pink colour until they are aged between five and seven years old.

Jennifer Jesse, administration and operations director at the Welsh Mountain Zoo: “We’re incredibly lucky to have a number of new births within a matter of a few weeks. Of course all of our babies and chicks are delightful and I’m pleased to say, are all doing incredibly well."

All the bundles of fluff and fur are gathering strength and are beginning to explore their new surroundings.

The baby red squirrels arrived in quick succession – five babies have been born.

The meerkats have been staying close to mum and dad. Some visitors have already enjoyed a sneak peak.

Meerkats are described as sociable and live in colonies of 5-30 animals in burrows.

Jennifer added: "We’d encourage anyone who’s keen to see them to visit sooner rather than later as our little babies grow at a rapid rate."