A CATHEDRAL has sent a message of "all the best" to two extraordinary organists who have been made redundant after decades of service.

Earlier this month, the Journal reported that St Asaph Cathedral had been forced into cost-cutting measures following a reduction in their budget.

Both Alan McGuinness and John Hosking found themselves at the centre of redundancy claims after their names were omitted from the staff list at the bottom of the cathedral's services and events.

The Diocese of St Asaph confirmed to the Journal that a “small number” of redundancies were being looked at but at the time, would not say that Mr McGuinness and Mr Hosking were the men affected.

The Very Revd Nigel Williams, dean of St Asaph Cathedral, has now confirmed that Mr McGuinness and Mr Hosking's posts are being made redundant and praised both musicians for their "exemplary performance, hard work and dedication".

He said: "Following a reduction in the budget, which has been under financial pressure for some time, we have had to review the provision of music at St Asaph Cathedral. It is with the greatest regret that we are no longer able to sustain the employment arrangement of a director of music and an assistant director of music. Therefore, the posts in their current form, are being made redundant.

"We are extremely grateful to Alan McGuinness and John Hosking for their exemplary performance, hard work and dedication in achieving the high standard of music they have nurtured here. We wish Alan and John all the best in their future careers.

"Modest temporary arrangements are being put in place to ensure those same high standards of music and worship will continue for principal cathedral and diocesan services. Arrangements are being made to properly look after the girls, boys and adult singers of the cathedral choir."

Mr McGuinness was appointed assistant organist at St Asaph Cathedral in 1998. As well as accompanying services held in the Cathedral, he was given the task of promoting, establishing and directing a new Cathedral Girls’ Choir. In January 2004, at just aged 28, he became organist and master of the choristers.

Mr Hosking, also a composer, took on the post as assistant organist at St Asaph Cathedral in 2004.

Earlier this month, the diocese said that following a reduction in the budget, which has been under pressure for some time, they have had to review their financial position.