A man accused of stalking was refused bail after magistrates were told that in the past other girlfriends had also been harassed.

Jonathan Edward Hughes, aged 36, pleaded guilty to stalking Carla Cox of Kinmel Bay between June and Friday and was remanded in custody until Wednesday for a probation report.

Prosecuting at a weekend court at Llandudno, Angela Narey said the couple had met through a dating website but had not lived together. His behaviour had been obsessive, turning up at her home and at the shop where she worked at Rhyl, and one day in June he had made 49 calls to her and sent 56 texts.

Despite being told their relationship was over and to leave her alone, he persisted in bombarding her with calls and texts and sent flowers.

Last Wednesday he turned up at her place of work and she became very frightened and went to the police.

On Friday he sent her a card declaring “Sorry - I love you”, and there were numerous messages and phone calls.

The prosecutor said Hughes had nine previous offences, including similar cases “relating to different victims.” There had been a community order, suspended sentence and also a jail term for harassment.

Deborah Davies, defending, aid Hughes accepted having feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. He claimed that the background was a failed marriage many years ago.

The solicitor said Hughes could live with parents in Liddell Drive, Llandudno, but bail was opposed by the prosecution. Magistrates decided that because of a risk of interfering with witnesses and of harm he would remain in custody until Wednesday.