A GROUP of women are encouraging other mums to reduce their plastic use.

The North Wales Nappy Collaborative has launched their branch in Flintshire and they want parents to use cloth nappies to save money and the planet.

Lucy Spencer, director, said they have branched in Flintshire, Wrexham and Denbighshire and they aim to spread awareness about what they are doing.

She added: “We hire out nappies and kits for families to try and long-term kits for families who are in need who may be struggling financially.

“When I had my little boy, we used disposables for three months and it got to the point where we were putting two bin bags of nappies outside regularly, it was disgusting.

“I don’t have the problem of throwing away money because I just wash my nappies. I think a lot of people are scared of it.”

The group meets every Monday at 10am in Infunity Soft Play, Mold and Thursdays at the Gwersyllt Community Centre, Wrexham.

The kits consist of a variety of cloth nappies which can be used during the day and night.

Lucy said every child uses approximately 5,000 disposables in 2.5 years and using cloth nappies could save parents over £300 during that time.

She said: “Hayley has been organising the one in Wrexham for about three years and I found her on the internet and she introduced me to the nappies. I thought it was great, but I lived in Denbigh, so we worked together to set one up closer.

“Then we were thinking we need to go further with this. Plastic waste takes hundreds of years to decompose, if it does at all. We need to act sustainably and reduce plastic waste.

“Don’t be scared of it, come and see us. There is always another option out there and some people often try it but give up because there’s no support.

“We offer that support, we can help.”

The group wants to make people aware of what they are putting on their babies and into their bins and aims to change perceptions.

More information can be found on the North Wales Nappy Collaborative Facebook Page.