A DAUGHTER’S response to an appeal led to a surprise visit for her mum from singer and cruise star Jane McDonald.

Brenda Jones, 85, has volunteered for Glan Clwyd hospital radio volunteer for 18 years.

In March, Brenda’s daughter Caroline Howarth answered an appeal for stories about local heroes to be featured on Channel 5’s Jane and friends. A few days later she had a response to say they were interested.

Following a number of "secret" phone calls and emails from the production team, it was decided that Jane would surprise Brenda whilst live on air.

Caroline said: "Mum is a huge fan of Jane McDonald. I fired off an emailing explaining that mum had been a Glan Clwyd Hospital volunteer for 18 years, not only presenting, but fundraising as well.

"In April, the crew arrived. Mum thought they were filming a documentary about volunteering so went along with it. But Jane phoned the studio and then walked in to surprise her.

"We were all in tears. Mum was very overcome and then the weeks of having to keep secrets from her made me very emotional too."

Brenda and her specially invited guests were asked along to the studios at Salford Keys in May for the recording of the episode that aired on August 3. This also starred Tom Chambers, Hayley Tamaddon and Alexandra Burke.

Brenda said: "I've been a fan of Jane for 15 years. I became a fan through watching her when she was working on the cruises. After, I found she was appearing at Venue Cymru in a concert tour so I booked into see it. After every year, she had a booking there so I took my daughter Caroline and she loved her too. I used to be in her fan club.

"When I was on air that day, the phone went. I'm a bit hard of hearing, I wear a deaf aid, but then there she [Jane] was - there in front of me.

"There was tears of emotion. It was such a shock.

"I said to her - what is your favourite song? And she said "You're My World". We put it on and Jane burst into song. I couldn't help but join in and my two guests sitting opposite us, who belonged to the local operatic, joined in. Then the film crew.

"At the end the director said to me - 'look me in the eye and say you didn't know she was coming?' And I really didn't.

"Jane was fantastic and a joy to work with, with our jolly chats being filmed on air."

Jane interviewed Brenda at Salford Keys and the film, made during Jane’s day in the studio, was shown. Brenda received one more surprise - a cruise.

She added: "She was a really lovely lady."