IMPRESSIVE creations made out of hundreds and thousands of Lego bricks were put on display during an exhibition.

Visitors marvelled at a fully working model of a giant roller coaster and a Lego Friend's Star at the Rhyl Building Bricks model event, held at Sussex Street Christian Centre on Saturday (August 18).

Pictures: Phil Micheu

The 'star' had been built by Steve Price who took his inspiration from the Star Wars Death Star.

There was also a meticulously constructed Wind Turbine Farm, built by Darrell Jones; the 12-year-old, of Prestatyn, recently won a Lego award.

There were colourful working models of trains and cars, Lego stalls, competitions and visitors were able to get creative at the 'build zone'.

Floss Barrett, organiser of the show, an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and a member of Northern Brickworks - a group for adult fans of Lego - said: "We had a great turnout with people travelling from as far as Chirk. The children were telling me how much fun they had and the parents were really happy too.

"Seeing people enjoying Lego as much as I do was very satisfying. The one thing we don't have in North Wales is an event like this where other adult fans of Lego can come and display their models, so I decided to organise one with the support of Northern Brickworks which I have been a member of for many years now.

"Myself, my children and my grandchildren are all big fans of building the models, following the instructions as well as creating our own creations freehand.

"I can't thank the those who put on displays enough for bringing their wonderful models to the event. They came from as far as Leeds, Bolton and the Wirral. Locals also contacted me requesting to display their creations of which I'm happy to say, I was able to oblige with a few."

Money was raised on the day for Fairy Bricks, a charity that buys Lego and distributes it to children in hospital.