A WOMAN neighbour had to go and live elsewhere because of deafening Radio 2 music in the middle of the night.

One of the tunes, Billy Joel's "Movin' Out", proved prophetic - because offender Martin Roberts was given notice to quit his flat because of the noise.

Roberts, 52, of South Parade, Pensarn, Abergele, pleaded guilty to failing to comply to a council noise abatement notice during three weeks in June and July. He was ordered to pay £250 in a fine and costs.

Prosecuting at Llandudno court yesterday (Tuesday) Delyth Crisp said following complaints about the noise, monitoring equipment had been installed in a neighbouring flat.

The music of Phil Collins could be heard quite clearly in the early hours and also the voices of Paul Young and Billy Joel.

An abatement notice had been ignored and one woman neighbour, unable to sleep, had to see her GP and left for a time "because loud music became unbearable”.

Andrew Hutchinson, defending, said no one had knocked on his door and asked Roberts to keep down the noise. “It was Radio 2, not heavy metal or anything like that," he added.

“It hasn’t been every night, just some nights”

Roberts apologised and accepted he should have kept the music down.

He'd been in the flat for three years and eight months.

“It’s ironic that one of the tunes was "Movin’ Out” because when the landlord was told he served a notice to quit his property on August 18,” remarked Mr Hutchinson.

Court chairman Darren Campbell told Roberts: "One of the neighbours had to leave the property because of the nuisance. It caused her a lot of distress."