A CHARITY founded in Rhyl raising the profile for a rare disorder has raised more than 30 times its target.

The UK Infantile Spasms Trust raised £3235. 50 with a fun day and sponsored walk around Rhyl's Marine Lake.

The charity was established by mothers of children with the rare disorder, also known as West Syndrome, including Jade Bamber of Rhyl - the only founder from Wales - who helped set up the trust last year after her two year old daughter Olivia was diagnosed.

Mum of three Ms Bamber said: “My original goal was to raise £100, so it's absolutely amazing that I've ended up raising more £3,000.

"We did a sponsored walk around the lake for the children which was a great success. The weather was really windy on the day but we didn't let that stop us

"Another little boy who was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms last year called Alfie came to the event and his family joined in with the sponsored walk and helped collect in tombola and raffle prizes. "

The money raised at the event will go towards research into the severe epilepsy syndrome, which is incurable and causes constant spasms, developmental regression and chaotic brainwaves.

A child's wellbeing is increased the earlier the disorder is discovered, so the charity is also investing in training for health professionals to spot signs earlier and also to provide families with specialised equipment and therapy.

Ms Bamber added: "As a charity we have just done our first round of grants where we have managed to help seven families with funding.

"It's rare that someone you know will end up suffering with it, and it was so scary when Olivia was having these seizures and we had never heard or seen anything about the condition.

"When she first started having them, they were so subtle you never would have thought it was a seizure - but once you know what it looks like it's hard to forget.

"It's just fantastic how generous people can be and, in general, the way people are with Olivia. The support they give over social media when she meets the tiniest milestone - or inch stone as we like to call them - really helps.

"It's also nice that as a trustee I will be able to see and have a vote in exactly what the money does go towards.

"We will definitely be making it an annual event."