MONEY raised at the funeral of a man killed in a car accident has been donated to the RNLI.

A donation of £277.82 was given to the crew at Rhyl NLI, raised at the funeral of Christopher Ramsdale - who died aged 28 in October last year.

Neil, Christopher's father, had been instrumental in helping the Rhyl station create and design their website initially in 1999 with voluntary press officer Paul Frost.

Paul Frost said: "I am really grateful for all the help that Neil gave me to get the station's website up and running.

"The RNLI relies on voluntary donations and legacies, and I am sure the website has inspired our supporters, and helped raise awareness of the RNLI and it's mission to help save lives at sea."

The money raised at Chirstopher's funeral were split between the Rhyl RNLI station's Shannon appeal and Manchester Childrens' hospital.

Neil, his wife Karen and Christopher's two sisters visited Mr Frost at the station on Wednesday, August 8, to present the sum.