ANIMALS were left spellbound when gigantic bubbles floated into a zoo.

The Californian sea lions, ring-tailed lemurs, Humboldt penguins and European brown bears enjoyed popping and chasing bubbles when Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles paid a visit to Colwyn Bay's Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Paola Dyboski-Bryant, founder of Dr Zigs, said: "We know that playing with bubbles can help animals with cognitive and sensory enrichment, something that keepers are always keen to develop, and bubbles are used in several zoos for this very reason. We approached the Welsh Mountain Zoo with an offer to share our supersized environmentally friendly bubbles and they invited us in to see how the animals reacted.

"The sea lions, lemurs and penguins were enchanted by them and the lemurs in particular reacted wonderfully. This is only the second time that we have visited a zoo and shared our bubbles with animals - it was undoubtedly a truly magical day.”

Michelle Pywell, head keeper at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, added: “We're always keen to explore animal friendly new ways to support the enrichment of our animals and we have looked into bubbles in the past.

"We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Many of our animals love to play and are interested in new and different experiences - the bubbles were a huge hit.”

Members of the Dr Zigs team are expected to return to the zoo in September.

A husbandry workshop will be hosted, where keepers from around the globe will visit to learn and share experiences of working with sea lions.