TRAVELLERS have set up camp on a field in Prestatyn.

Caravans arrived on the field, next to Bastion Road, yesterday (Monday).

Last night, the travellers had moved further round - by the entrance to the cricket club.

Travellers have been served a notice to quit the site by Denbighshire County Council (DCC) Asset management.

Councillor Paul Penlington, of Prestatyn North, told the Journal that travellers had been provided with bin bags, in attempt to keep rubbish together. They have also been told where the nearest toilets are located. 

Cllr Penlington said: "It is hard to be sympathetic to the needs of the travelling community when so many disregard the needs of our towns.

"Travellers have made regular stop offs in Prestatyn in recent years, each time residents lives have been disturbed by late night noise and anti-social behaviour and each time, DCC have had to clean up when they’ve left. 

"The direct cost to Denbighshire in the last few years has been in excess of £40,000. That doesn’t take into account the personal impact on people having these uninvited visitors camped outside their homes or the drain on police resources. 

"DCC do take swift action to evict and I am in regular contact with our assets team, there is however a clear legal process that has to be carried out.

"Fortunately none of the travellers visiting Prestatyn have chosen to stay very long. 

"It is a concern some might choose to do so at some point."

A spokesman for Denbighshire County Council said: “The council has initiated the legal process to remove the travellers from the site.”