A WOMAN has celebrated her 104th birthday by meeting her great-great granddaughter for the first time.

Nancy Cartwright celebrated the incredible milestone in her hometown of Stoke with four generations of her family, who had travelled from Rhyl to introduce her to one year old Bella James.

Nicola James, Allan's wife said: " Bella and Nancy had never met before. To watch Nancy with her was very emotional, she couldn’t take her eyes off Bella and was waving at her at any given opportunity.

Nancy was over the moon that she had four generations celebrating her birthday with her and kept insisting that we send the photo so she could put it in her frame on the wall."

Bella, who turned one in June was originally due on Nancy's birthday, but arrived five weeks early on June 26.

Nancy's daughter Marion, 81, moved to Rhyl with her in 1974 her family, including son Graham, 54, where his son Allan 28 has started his own family with daughter Bella.

Nicola added: "The family originally came to Rhyl on holiday staying at Robin Hood Camp,

Graham loved it that much he asked his mum and dad if could they live here. John - Graham’s dad -noticed the Point of Ayr on the same holiday, told his family he would be back in a bit and returned having got himself a new job in the coal mines.

"They then found someone who wished to house swap to stoke and have not looked back since."

Nancy, who worked for Woolworths when it first opened in the early 1900s and in the farming industry, remained in Stoke where she still spends her time knitting and Bingo.

At 96, she won a bingo competition at her nursing home, which saw her fly abroad for the first time of her life fro a trip to Las Vegas.

The family celebrated at the nursing home with Nancy with food and cake - and even a glass of wine.

"As Bella’s Mum I feel very proud that one day she will be able to look back on this photo and hear the amazing story of how she met her great-great grandmother when she was just a baby.

"In my family there were only three generations and I grew up with only my Nan in terms of grandparents, she was everything anyone could wish for but I would have loved to have met her mum and her mum’s mum just like Bella has."