A COASTAL rescue expert has issued a warning about cold waters as punters celebrated 'international beer day' across the country.

Alan Forrester, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Flint RNLI, has given a local message following a video of advice released by HM Maritime and Coastguard Agency as ale is celebrated across the globe.

International Beer Day was first launched by Jesse Avshalomov in California - but the UK Coastguard service is using the day, celebrated on the first Friday of August since 2007, to warn people of the dangers of cold water.

The agency launched a video which says: "Even on a sunny day, the sea, canals and rivers can be dangerous. Especially after a couple of drinks. If you fall in you'll suffer from cold water shock. Your breathing increases uncontrollably, meaning you're more likely to take water into your lungs and drown."

A Tweet from the agency warned: "Going out for a drink tonight to celebrate International Beer Day? Look after your mates and don't take a shortcut near water. Coldwaterkills even on a sunny day."

Mr Forrester added to those across Flintshire: "If anyone does get in to the water, stay still as cold water shock is the killer. Your organs shut down. We're saying respect the water and if you do get in to difficulty, try and stay afloat to live - don't try and fight it.

"If someone else is in difficulty, don't try and save them - it's two people in difficulty we'll then have to save.

"The River Dee is a nice area that people use, but they don't realise it's a tidal river with very strong currents. Always take note and check the water is like before visiting. The river is a beautiful cycle way and people like to have a look at the scenery - but please do not enter the water."