A MASTER popsmith is on his way to Rhyl.

Fresh from touring with Ringo Starr and his All Stars, Graham Gouldman will bring the music of the legendary 10cc back to the stage at the Rhyl Pavilion in October.

Reflecting on the respective musical eras of the 1970s and today, Gouldman tells the Journal: “The quality of music has changed so much.

“I’m not hearing as much that feels truly new.

“I wish people could experience the band-rich scene we came from.”

Founded in Stockport in 1972, with fellow master songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Eric Stewart, Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, the art pop are remembered for their ability to craft ingenious songs which also resonated commercially,

10cc enjoyed 11 top-10 hits and sold more than 15 million albums in the UK alone.

Gouldman adds: “As far as 10cc are concerned, we had four different musicians, writers and producers to the point where we’d sound like a different band on each track.

“It was more chaotic; it wasn’t some guy with a computer in his bedroom trying to make a certain sound – there was love, and friction, all purely for the love of creating music.

The wildly contrasting sounds of Dreadlock Holiday, pop masterpiece I’m Not in Love and still dizzyingly avant garde Worst Band in the World will remain the focal point of the of 10cc live experience.

The line-up features Gouldman with Rick Fenn on lead guitar, bass and vocals; Paul Burgess on drums; Keith Hayman on keyboards and guitars; and Paul Canning on vocals, percussion, guitar and keyboards.

Gouldman adds: “We’re playing the records as near as something we’ve always done. We’re very finicky about how it sounds.

“What we’re doing now is playing the music of 10cc the best way you’re going to hear it and keeping it alive as a live show.

“Even though the personnel has changed, the sound hasn’t. It’s still the star of the show.”

To appreciate one of rock and pop’s most joyous collaborative efforts the way it is suppose to be heard, head to the Pavilion on Thursday, October 25 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £36, available from rhylpavilion.co.uk or by calling 01745 330000.