The rich back catalogue of prog rock trailblazers the Moody Blues is to receive the ultimate tribute in Rhyl this summer.

Drummer of the band for 25 years, Gordy Marshall has brought together a diverse ensemble of the best virtuoso performers to fuse the eclectic supergroup Go Now! The Music of the Moody Blues to recreate the music of one of rock's most spectacular monoliths.

Joining Marshall at the Pavilion this September are Mick Wilson,l former ELO member and lead singer of 10CC for twenty years, Child and Bonnie Tyler guitarist Keith Atack and West End veterans Nick Kendall of We Will Rock You and Patrick Duffin of the Jersey Boys and Hairspray.

Marshall said: "The Moody Blues are characterised by an eclectic mix of styles, so it makes sense to have an eclectic mix of musicians.

"The audience can expect on of the richest back catalogues expertly performed by amazing musicians.

"I refer to it as a supergroup because in all the work I’ve done over the years these are absolutely the best musicians I’ve worked with - sometimes I look around the stage and think I’m punching above my weight."

Marshall selected each musician after a prolific West End career outside of the Moody Blues, which has seen the drummer moonlight in Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, Fame, Grease, We Will Rock You, Mamma Mia, Rent, Whistle Down The Wind and Thriller Live!

Marshall added: “I’m younger than the rest of the band, as they began to slow down I still needed to work which has led me to work on a variety of projects.

"I’m a hired gun effectively and what I’ve found is rock has become increasing theatrical and narrative driven and theatre has becoming even more rock oriented and bombastic.

"I've learned their is a lot of crossovers between the theme of searching for yourself in an album like Days of Future Passed and a musical like Wicked or Hairspray.

"There is no one on stage who isn’t at the very top of their game, and when you add in the rich back catalogue of the Moodies the total is far greater than the sum of its parts."

In this show, all the classic hits are celebrated, including Nights in White Satin, Go Now, Tuesday Afternoon, Legend of a Mind (Timothy Leary’s Dead), I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, Question and Isn’t Life Strange.

To fully recreate the sound of the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the band will be joined on stage by a flautist and have digitally recreated the legendary sound of the analogue Mellotron tape replay keyboard, an early forebear of the digital synthesiser which was famously presented to pop music by keyboardist Mike Pinder - a former employee of the Mellotron.

It was Pinder who introduced the Mellotron to The Beatles and George Martin, who famously used the new technology on Strawberry Fields Forever - changing the face of pop forever and helping usher in the birth of electronic music.

The show has the spirit of the Moody Blues weaved into every stitch of the rich sonic tapestry Marshall and Co will weave, right down to decision to rebrand the supergroup as Go Now! after formerly touring as Legend of a Band since his final show with the Moody Blues at Glastonbury in 2015.

Marshall said:"While it’s great that they’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, I’ve been honouring the Moodies with this band for three years.

"What I did notice initially was that the name legend of a Band didn't accurately tell audiences what were were doing, so we decided to use the name of the band's first number 1 single.

"But what I've found is that it really summarises what we're doing. go Now was itself a cover, sung by the first singer Denny Laine who moved on. the Moody Blues has always had a revolving door of personnel and it's fitting that we're here covering their music.

Gordy said: "In many ways, what we're doing is something like the London Symphony Orchestra - which is really a tribute band playing the songs of Beethoven or Mozart. To me, the music of the Moodies is as timeless as those greats and the Stones or The Beatles, and because they are one of the most under appreciated groups of that period the music should be receive tribute performances and covered by other professional musicians in the same way."

To witness the definitive tribute to the prog rock pioneers, head to The Pavilion at 7.30pm on Saturday, September 15.

Tickets are £23 and are available from or call the box office on 01745 330000.