NORTH Clywd Animal Rescue is looking for a family to appear in a prime time television show.

'Rescue Me' is a series for BBC Wales which will help families find their perfect rescue dog.

North Clywd Animal Rescue will work with dog behaviourists to ensure that they find a family their ideal canine companion while promoting the adoption of rescue animals.

A spokesperson for North Clwyd Animal Rescue said: "We are delighted that North Clwyd Animal Rescue have been chosen to participate in this fantastic opportunity and we are very excited as we can hopefully find a lovely new home for one of our dogs.

"We will hopefully receive fantastic publicity for our charity on BBC Wales and possibly encourage more people to think about adopting their pets from a local charity like us.

"We would love it of we can find the perfect family to adopt one of our wonderful rescue dogs and take part in the programme this summer.

"Anyone interested needs to contact the details on the poster to be considered and our normal rehoming process will be carried out.

"We would love you to come forward but please, if you are thinking of adopting, visit our website and come and visit us and we will talk you through the whole adoption process as we need to ensure you are genuine and do want to offer a loving, forever, new home to one of our dogs."

Filming for the programme will commence in July 2018.

To enquire about adopting a dog from North Clywd Animal Rescue, visit