A stroke survivors group is helping people to get back on their feet and involved in the community again.

The Stroke of Luck group meets every Tuesday between 1.30pm and 3.10pm at the Presbyterian Church on Ty Newydd Road, Rhyl and area always open to new members.

Fellow stroke survivor and creator of the group Denise Bulloch said: "I’ve seen people get depressed after leaving hospital and not having the support. So I love to help people come on as a volunteer.

“Many of our members have gained the confidence to feel comfortable in joining other mainstream arts and crafts groups now, so we’d love to invite other stroke survivors to leave the house and come and meet some new people.”

The Stroke of Luck group offer sessions in mindfulness, boccia and arts and crafts, as well as a new woodwork class.

In the UK stroke is the leading cause of disability and there are almost 66,000 people in Wales living with the physical and emotional after effects.

Margaret Street, Director of the Stroke Association in Wales, said: “Every year we help thousands of stroke survivors and their families through our range of services and support groups, which we couldn’t do without the generosity of volunteers like Denise.

“We want both stroke survivors and carers in the Rhyl area to know that there is help and support out there.”

To find out more about the Stroke Association’s work, visit stroke.org.uk.