A CONCERT-goer who came round to the idea of marriage after a change of heart pulled off the ‘perfect’ proposal at an Ed Sheeran concert.

Craig Lewis, 36, popped the question to girlfriend Cheryl Roberts, 32, during Sheeran's rendition of song Perfect at a packed-out gig in Glasgow on June 2 – and the whole romantic moment was captured on camera.

Craig, who is originally from Halifax but moved to Rhyl to be with Cheryl in July 2017, had initially brushed off the idea of getting married.

As love blossomed, Craig – who worked on the refurbishment of Prestatyn’s Nova Centre – had a change of heart and started planning his proposal in October 2017.

He confided in his mum about his plans to propose and decided the concert would act as the ideal opportunity.

He said: "At the concert, we got speaking to two Scottish girls in the crowd: Claire and Amy.

"Cheryl kept going to the toilet so I got Claire in on it and told her I had a ring in my pocket.

"Cheryl came back and we heard the song, Perfect, go on and I asked Claire to take a picture, but she wasn't really going to take a picture but a video so it was all captured on camera.

"I went down on one knee. I wasn't nervous but it was quite emotional – I had planned it for so long.

"I had been in and out of jobs, so I pulled the money together to buy a ring.

"She was very excited afterwards. We both were. She kept saying she loved me every two minutes.

"She has made Facebook friends with Amy and Claire since the concert."

The couple, who are big fans of Sheeran, met through a dating site in 2015.

Craig added: "We got close quite quickly. We went for a drink and the second time I met her, she was actually in hospital.

"In September 2016, we got closer and started talking more and more. I moved to Rhyl in July 2017 and it just went from there.

"She has always been asking me to marry her. I had brushed off the idea of marriage, I didn't want to get married, but then I had a change of heart.

"In October 2017, I told my mum I was going to propose and I was going to do it at the Ed Sheeran concert.

"Perfect was always going to be the one. Ed Sheeran has always been a part of our lives – when we were seeing each other, and Ed's song How Would You Feel came out, we both sent it to each other on the same day."

"I think we will get married in about two years. Cheryl has made some suggestions but I've decided we will marry in Halifax as my most of my family are there."