A WELL-known Rhyl pub has been reopened – with a new spin.

The Waraich family – husband and wife Bhupinder and Debbie and their sons, Manpreet and Ravinder – have relaunched The Millbank Inn on Grange Road as a restaurant and a pub serving authentic Indian cuisine.

Manpreet said: “We’re very very excited to finally get it up and running.

"It was just an empty building in a nice part of town.

"It just felt like something was missing from the area so we have brought this family friendly local back to the area.

“We thought we couldn’t just create a restaurant or just a pub so we thought we would bring both.”

The site had formerly been the Millbank Bar and Grill but had been left completely empty and stripped back.

The Waraich family only stumbled upon the place by chance while in the area viewing a property across the road when they saw it.

Mr Waraich said: “We were looking at the shop across the road and we came out, turned around and saw the pub.

“It has always been my dad’s dream to open up a place like this.

"He has been a chef since the 1980s and always had a idea like this on the back-burner.”

The family loved it so much they have taken it on and put a lot of hard work into getting it up and running.

But the hard works seems to have paid off with the venture already receiving plenty of praise and attention since opening just over a week ago.

Mr Waraich added: “We’ve had some really, really positive feedback since opening.

"We had 1,900 hits on our Facebook page in the first hour after it went live.”