A SECOND wrongly-placed 'dog ban' sign in Rhyl is to be removed.

The sign on Holt’s Field at Maes Y Gog incorrectly advises residents that no dogs are allowed on the field. In fact, dog walkers are permitted to bring their pets to the area and are even allowed to let them off the lead. Tynewydd ward councillors Brian Blakeley and Cheryl Williams have been on a mission to identify incorrectly-placed signs following an incident last month when 71-year-old local resident Jim McCaughey was wrongly issued with a fixed penalty for walking his dog at Rhyl High School.

Cllr Blakeley said: “While I would ask people to keep an eye on their dogs and clear up after them if they mess, it’s important that they know accurately what they can and can’t do.

“We’ve received a lot of questions on social media from people looking for clarification of where they can walk their dogs in our ward following the issue at Rhyl High, so we want to make sure each of the signs in the area are correct and up to date.”

They have been checking signage to make sure it is up to date and correct, as well as asking residents if they are clear on what is permitted in various dog walking areas.

The signage was erected as part of the council’s public spaces protection order, whereby 600 signs for dog walkers have been put up across the county since last September.