THIS is the surface of a yard that is stopping school children from playing outside.

Children at Ysgol Glan Gele in Abergele came back from their Easter holidays to a new playground. The new yard has been relaid with rough 'slurry' - the texture has been described as so rough and abrasive, that it is unsafe for the children to play on it.

Pupils at the nursery and infant school, which provides foundation education for children from the ages of three to seven, have penned letters to the Council expressing their disappointment.

One letter read: "I was very sad to hear from the teachers at Ysgol Glan Gele today that we are not allowed to go outside on the playground.

"I am a play ranger, and I love helping children play with toys at playtime but we can't do this now because the new playground isn't safe because it is too rough.

"Please can you make our playground safe again so I can enjoy playing with my friends and not get hurt. Yours sincerely, Naomi Miller, age six."

The Journal has been told that the new playground was four years overdue and the children were "really looking forward" to it.

They went on to say that: "It is a very abrasive surface. The children can't go and play on it - they could get a really nasty injury, it is dangerous. Until the situation is remedied, they have alternative playtimes indoors."

Conwy County Borough Council have been down to the site.

A spokesperson from the local authority told the Journal that Conwy’s Education Service are aware of the concerns regarding the work that took place on the playground over the Easter holiday.

Parents have taken to the Journal Facebook to express their upset at the situation.

Vicky Lee Judge said: "I think that it is absolutely shocking that the council haven't taken our children's safety into any consideration. I'm a parent of a child in the school and also a childminder to children in the school. I have to walk the children over the playground aswell as my own children and I have a duty of care to them all.

"When I spoke to a site manager in the council, he assured me that action would be taken. To then find out that they will only intend to come and sweep the playground, which will make no difference what so ever.

"It needs to be redone."

Louise Evans added: "A few words spring to mind: angry, disappointed, frustrated and saddened. These are just a few emotions on how we feel about the work which has been carried out on resurfacing our playground over the Easter holidays.

"Because of a cost cutting exercise, our children are missing out on a vital part of everyday education ‘play’. Children have a human right to play and Conwy council have taken this right away.

"My seven year old said 'mummy, I want it back the way it used to be - I don't like the new playground in school because it is too rough.'

"This needs to be put right and fast."

Nicki Baker added: "When we arrived back to school on Tuesday, I thought the playground wasn't finished, then to be told it is done and the council think that the playground is fine for the children to play on - it is disgusting.

"My daughter loves to play running games with her friends and now they have all been told the new rule is no running in the playground and that they cant play out there because it's not safe."

The spokesperson from Conwy Council added: "We are working with the contractor and the school on the matter."