A SHORT film detailing the struggles of parents of children with autism has exceeded the expectations of its creators.

The premier of Girl on Top of the Wardrobe, an educational film created by Prestatyn's Canned Media with the town's Popin Centre has been forced to upgrade its venue and up its DVD stocks to cope with demand.

Veronica Wells, a founder of the Popin Centre said: "We are quite shocked, we're only a little charity. Our centre can hold 50 people at a push, but now I'm catering for up to a hundred.

The event has now been moved to the Alive church, on Victoria Road and is expected to be attended by MP Chris Ruane and AMs Ann Jones and Mark Isherwood.

Mrs Wells added: "The documentary is just a small part of raising awareness. People always talk about helping families of people with autism. Talk talk talk.

"Hopefully visiting dignitaries and people can see for themselves how difficult life is for parents and take some action."

The documentary, named after one of the parent's daughters, was filmed for free over four weeks of parent meeting groups at the centre has sent ripples through the communities further afield.

Lee Howard, director of Canned Media said: "We've had to order double the amount of our initial order of DVDs of the film.

"I'm getting e-mails from people from all over the UK who want to channel their own feelings about autism through our work."

The premier of Girl on Top of the Wardrobe will take place on Friday, April 20 at 10am and is free to enter.