A POLL which asked festival goers to pick their favourite trends from a list which included 'glitter boobs, beard or bum' has been defended by organisers who have termed it “absolutely lighthearted”.

Su Casa, one of the UK’s biggest dance festivals, is heading to Bodelwyddan Castle and Park on Saturday, June 2.

The festival is to transform the grounds of the ancient castle and heritage site and will feature artists Darius Syrossian, Sam Divine, George Kwali, Jon Connor, Charlie Tee and more.

Ahead of the event, Su Casa took to Facebook and posted to fans: “Mondays may be grim but we are looking ahead to festival season. We are having a bit of debate in HQ that we want you to help us settle”.

A poll was then put up asking users which festival beauty trend their preferred - glitter boobs, beards or bum.

Facebook users were encouraged to add to the list and ‘glitter penis’ soon joined the line up.

However, prior to this being added, the poll sparked anger. It was suggested the festival “only wanted to see women naked” and “that decent festival users wouldn’t do this [poll]”.

One reader contacted the Journal stating: “[It is] disgusting behaviour from our apparent new festival in North Wales.

“It degrades women.”

A spokesperson from Su Casa said they would "never disrespect any gender" and the poll was lighthearted.

He added: “If you have the internet or been to a festival in 2017/2018 you’ve probably already seen these global trends; the glitter bum, boob and beard. This is where people decorate their body with glitter and body gems.

“We have one of the true pioneers of glitter/gem body art at the festival in June - The Gypsy Shrine, which is what sparked the question. These guys specialise in flamboyant and unique body decoration. Not just boobs/bum/beard but face, arms, hair or anywhere the customers desires to create their look.

“We don’t believe these trends are degrading and would like to think that in 2018, we live in a progressive enough society to understand that someone choosing to dress and accessorise themselves in a certain way isn’t degrading to their gender, but rather a celebrate of fun and positive body image.

“As for whether or not a ‘decent’ festival would do this, yes they absolutely would.

“Glitter art is prevalent at festivals all over the nation and globe and we like that people are comfortable enough to have fun with their looks.

“We are about creating fun, not sparking controversial debates, so that certainly wasn’t our intention with this poll.

“We really do apologise if some people have taken offence to the options. It is also worth pointing out that anyone is free to add options on a public poll and a couple of silly ones have found their way on there.

“Su Casa is an inclusive event, where anyone who wishes to enjoy themselves is welcome - whether they are covered in glitter or not.”

Tickets for Su Casa can be purchased through www.sucasafestival.com