Audiences were treated to a dramatic tour-de-force at Rhyl’s Pavilion Theatre on Monday with the opening night of Blood Brothers which closed to a full house standing ovation.

Willy Russell’s acclaimed folk-opera tells the story of Liverpool siblings Mickey and Eddie, separated at birth, whose lives travel along a different trajectory, and whose fortunes prove dramatically different.

Mickey is played by the superbly talented Sean Jones.

The Denbigh-born actor is phenomenal as the loveable Scouse scamp, whose fate, unbeknown to him has already been determined.

His Blood Brother, who will go on to enjoy more success, Eddie is portrayed with the right degree of warm charm and vulnerability by the excellent Mark Hutchinson.

The pair’s interplay and enduring friendship in the face of adversity and life’s many challenges, serves as the heart of this story, with a script that makes this worthy of being one of the most successful musicals 35 years on from its debut.

Lyn Paul is truly outstanding as Mrs Johnstone, responsible for separating her twins, brokering an unspoken pact with Mrs Lyons, played by the excellent Sarah Jane Buckley, and establishing an a cursed plotline central to this ultimately tragic tale.

The legendary New Seekers songstress behind hits including 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' was responsible for an emotionally exhausting performance brought to the fore in songs including 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Bright New Day', 'Easy Terms' and 'Tell Me It’s Not True', is not to be missed and had the audience reaching for their tissues.

Also unmissable is the fast paced set pieces intertwined with moments of comedy and heart wrenching drama overarched with Foreboding narration is delivered with clinical precision by Mathew Craig, constantly reminding the players of their role in this story.

Danielle Corlass is great as fun-loving love interest Linda who later proves pivotal to the plot.

Daniel Taylor as older brother Sammy is fantastic as the troublemaking catalyst in the downward spiral of Mickey’s life.

Graham Martin as the policeman and neighbour Amy Jane Ollies are memorable while Tim Churchill is superb as Mr Lyons, Eddie’s loving father.

Stunning set design, mood shifting lighting and a live soundtrack to stir the soul make for a memorable production.

You must not miss the chance to experience this shocking and poignant tale of two brothers which will leave you moved beyond words.

Blood Brothers is on at Rhyl Pavilion until Saturday March 24. For tickets telephone the box office on 01745 330000 or visit