More than 20 women took to Prestatyn dressed as Suffragettes to hand out flowers to women and girls.

Members of the Dyserth Women's Institute (WI) gathered in costume at Marks and Spencers in Prestatyn to commemorate 100 years of Women's Suffrage, and to their annual meeting to mark International Woman's Day to raise awareness with handcrafted flowers.

Anne Sanderson, president of Dyserth WI said:"Last year we gave out 300 flowers, this year we gave out more than 500. We couldn't seem to knit them fast enough this year.

"We also thought because of the significant anniversary, that it would be amusing to dress like suffragettes, so we cobbled together outfits, sashes and hats as a one off."

The knitted flowers were presented free of charge to women and girls, which takes the 100 strong group a full year to craft for their annual Women's Day gathering.

In addition to meeting passersby at the Marks and Spencers store, the women visited other shops throughout Prestatyn.

Mrs Sanderson added: "We begin knitting flowers immediately the following week in time for the next year

"It was amazing this year how many of the people we spoke to were already aware very engaged with the significance of the date."