A DESPERATE dog owner left four puppies in a box outside an aptly-named rescue centre.

Staff at the Abandoned Animals Association on Ffordd Ffynnon in Prestatyn discovered the puppies, who had a note left with them.

It read: “These four puppies were born on January 2.

"They are German shepherd cross Staffordshire bull terriers. I’m sorry to leave them here but I can’t care for them properly. I hope you can – thank you.”

The dogs are named Jaz, Kira, Jack and Kevin.

Carol Roberts, manager at the Abandoned Animals Association, said: “They are so tiny.

"One of our staff found them when she was coming back from walking the dog. It was just after 2pm. I thought ‘wow!’.

“The letter sounded desperate, but why didn’t they ring the bell?

“That was my only question, but gosh! What a surprise!

“We have had kittens left before but nothing quite like this.

“We will certainly look after them and in time, they will find a new home.

“For now, it is too early days but we will love them. We will get them health checked and get them to the vet’s.”