AN eight-year-old boy’s method for remembering the order of the planets in the solar system has inspired him to write a book for charity in memory of his grandma.

Joseph Parker, a year three pupil at Ysgol Elfod in Abergele, has penned the story of Uncle Noodles to raise money for St David’s Hospice.

Joseph was keen to give something back after the charity cared for his grandma Angela Parker.

The 10-page book is about a boy who blows out his candles and makes a wish to go to space.

It features Joseph’s own method of remembering the planets, which involves memorising the phrase ‘my very electric mushroom just shot Uncle Noodles’ .

The first letter of each word in the phrase is also the initial letter of the respective planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The book, which is being sold for £2.50, has already raised more than £300 for the hospice.

Joseph told the Journal: “I took it to the school to read to the whole class. I took my book into the hall - I was really nervous reading it in front of the whole school. My friends have come up to me and said they like it.”

Mum Tania, who is married to Jason, said: “Joseph is really into reading. He likes David Williams’ books.

“He said to me he wanted to write a story and I said he would have to plan our the start, middle and end.

“He then did a bit every night for two weeks. When he had finished, he said he wanted to sell it to charity.

“I thought he would come up with a children’s charity, but he said he wanted to raise money for the hospice.

“My husband’s mother passed away in August last year and received care from the hospice, so he was really quite touched.

“Joseph had already done the Colour Run for the hospice with his dad and auntie and raised £500.

“He set up the JustGiving page for the book himself. I showed him how to do it and he did it himself.”

Tania added: “Angela was very caring. She always read with Joseph.”

Joseph – who has sister Lilia, aged four – came up with the idea for the story after learning about space during his science class.

He said: “In our science lesson our topic is space so I wanted to do a space story.

“When my grandma was poorly, they [the hospice’] looked after her.”

Watch Joseph speaking about his book on the St David’s Hospice North Wales YouTube page.

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