Gwaenysgor will play host to a talented folk family affair with a Flemish twist this spring.

Trio Dhoore, a young and talented band of musical brothers from Flanders in Belgium will be bringing their unique brand of folk - and humour - to the Gwaenysgor Village Hall on Saturday, April 7.

The three brothers Dhoore - Koen, Hartwin and Ward - arrange a Belgian folk soundscape that makes good use of accordions, a hurdy gurdy, a mandolin and, of course the guitar for a pure acoustic.

Their brand of continental folk sensibilities is both refreshing and timeless, and has seen the band play at the prestigious Sidmouth FolkWeek in 2016.

Trio Dhoore will be at Gwaenysgor Village Hall at 7pm on Saturday, April 7. Tickets are £13.33, and are available from