IT WAS a festive season of all weathers - rain, sleet, strong winds and even snow.

Photographer Thomas Davies captured Rhyl prom being battered by all conditions as part of as part of a #LoveRhyl tourism project.

The weather pattern is now set to change; conditions are to turn drier and colder as the weather quietens down.

Thomas has been selected alongside nine other amateur photographers as a Rhyl Instagram champion. Each week, the Journal is featuring the work of one of the champions.

Thomas said: "I have lived in Rhyl all my life and have seen many changes and improvements in and around the town.

"I take my camera everywhere I go, just in case I see something I like that might be interesting for anyone else. I like to take pictures of Rhyl from different areas, day or night. My interests in photography are landscape, aircraft, and night shots.

"As a Rhyl Instagram Champion, I want to show that Rhyl is a lovely area day or night, from the beautiful sunsets along the beach and the harbour to the lights on the harbour Bridge at night and everything in between.

"I also want to show Rhyl is actually a great place to go on holiday to and to live in."

Follow the Rhyl Instagram champions as they capture the town and its regeneration progress by searching #loverhyl. Follow @loverhyl on Instagram.