A DAREDEVIL and escapologist debuted his “thrilling” water torture cell illusion during a magical field day festival.

The event took place in Prestatyn on Friday at Bastion Field. Dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Turf', the festival featured escapologist Dave Diamond who fascinated visitors with his act.

The Water Torture cell, called the Upside Down by Harry Houdini, was first performed in 1911 as part of a one act play called Houdini Upside Down. It subsequently became one his most famous acts.

As well as Dave, the festival featured hooper Nula Hula, magician Jay Gatling (the Conwy Wizard), Punch and Judy from Professor Llusern, music by Joseph Leo and Christian Parry, circus skills with Erwyd Le Fol (the Conwy Jester), Nerf Wars, sumo suits, face painting and a fair from Big Bounce.

Kimberley Edmunds, events co-ordinator at Prestatyn Town Council – who organised the event – said: “When the act was first performed, the promoters insisted that the tank was covered so as not to ‘cause faintings and panics’ amongst the spectators.

“This was not the case in Prestatyn. Dave Diamond completed his challenge in full view of the crowd.”

Dave said: “I used to compete in extreme marathons, lasting for days at a time, but over time I wasn’t getting the same adrenaline rush as I used to and I decided I needed a new challenge.

“I always had a fascination with feats of endurance and decided that this would be my next adventure.”

Russel Erwood, who is the Conwy Jester, assisted Dave in the challenge. Training took place over 18 months.

“I have performed or consulted on all of Houdini’s escapes during my career, apart from this one,” Russel said. When Dave contacted me I jumped at the chance to be involved. Training has been challenging but Dave is such a determined person.”

Anyone who missed Dave’s daring escape can see it again when the escapologist returns to North Wales as part of the North Wales Burlesque and Cabaret Festival on Saturday, January 27 2018.

Photo: Robert Mann