MOVES to install fire sprinklers in all new-build homes in Wales has been adopted as law.
Vale of Clwyd AM Ann Jones, who had worked for the fire service for 30 years, has had her Private Member’s Bill calling for fire sprinklers in all new-build homes in Wales signed into law by the Welsh Government.
The Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011 will make fire sprinklers compulsory in all new and converted hostels, care homes and other high risk properties from April 2014.
Sprinklers will be fitted as standard in all new and converted homes by January 2016.
Mrs Jones said the passage of the regulations marks the end of a legislative journey started in 2007 and is the first piece of backbench legislation to be successfully passed by the Assembly at both Legislative Competence Order LCO and Measure stages.
She said: “After a long career in the Fire Service where I saw too many families’ lives devastated, I knew that sprinklers would provide the lasting solution. No-one has ever died in a fully fire sprinkler protected home and the law I passed, will go a long way to reducing the impact that fire has communities. I am thrilled we have managed to reach the end of such a long and tiring legislative journey. I have been fighting  since 2007 to see my law implemented.
“I have encountered opposition from a number of people, but time and time again – we have proven that their arguments were just plain wrong. Sprinklers are cost effective and their impact will be proven in the long run” Ms Jones added.