DENBIGHSHIRE and Conwy residents will have their say on who makes decisions on their doorstep in the local council and town council elections on Thursday, May 3.

Next week, voters will select town and community councillors to represent their local area, with 377 officials set to sit on Denbighshire’s 37 local councils and 398 elected councillors representing 33 town and community councils in Conwy.

The elections will also see Denbighshire residents appoint 47 county councillors to govern it’s 30 electoral divisions, with each selected councillor presiding over their area for a four year term. In Conwy, 59 councillors will be selected for the county’s 39 electoral wards.

The Journal has put together a full list of all of our local council candidates, organised by their respective wards.

Abergele Gele - six vacancies       

Kinsey, Brian Anthony: Maes-Y-Dre, AbergeleMacrae, Delyth Ann: Compton Way, Abergele. IndPeacock, Ron: Lon Derw, AbergelePitt, John: Bryn Nantllech, Llanfairtalhaiarn, AbergeleRoberts, Morris: Gele Avenue, Abergele. IndRowlands, Tim: Tan y Dron Road, Abergele. Welsh ConsWood, Andrew David: Llwyn Onn, Abergele. IndAbergele Llansan Sior - one vacancy       Bird, Mike: St George, Abergele. Ind

Abergele Pensarn - three vacancies       

Davies, Gwyneth Price: Lon Kinmel, Pensarn, AbergeleStubbs, Jean: Lon Kinmel, Pensarn, Abergele. Welsh LabSudlow, Ken: Lon Kinmel, Pensarn, Abergele. Ind

Abergele Pentre Mawr - seven vacancies       

 Bond, Mark: Heol Awel, Abergele. IndMaclennan, John: Lon Garnedd, Abergele. Welsh ConsMedlicott, Robert Malcolm: Peel Street, Abergele. IndMeredith, Dave: Turnberry Drive, Abergele. Welsh Lib DemRoberts, Brian Conway: Lon Wen, Abergele. IndRowlands, Sam: High Street, Abergele. Welsh ConsWaters, Richard Gwyn. Bryn Ithel, Abergele

Dyserth - eleven vacancies       

Hughes, Andy: Cwm Road, DyserthJones, David Glyn: James Park, DyserthJones, Edgar: Cwm Road, DyserthJones, Glenn Morgan: St Asaph Rd, DyserthMinshull, Ann Carolyn: Parc Bron Deg, DyserthNewell, Peter: Elwy Avenue, Dyserth. Welsh LabOwen, Peter Whittle: Fairlands Crescent. Welsh ConsParry, David Henry: Bryn Y Felin, DyserthPeters, Jules: Cwm Road, DyserthPrydderch, Heather Alison: Glan Ffyddion, Dyserth. Welsh Lib DemWilliams, Alison: Waterfall Road, DyserthWilliams, James Keith: High Street, DyserthWilliams, Margaret Gwyneth: Bryn Y Felin, Dyserth

Kinmel Bay - eight vacancies

Anderson, Dr Stuart: Denbigh Circle, Kinmel Bay. IndBateman, Edward: Trem yr Afon, Kinmel Bay. IndBevan, John: Ffordd Craiglun, Kinmel Bay. Welsh ConsCorry, Geoffrey David: Denbigh Circle, Kinmel Bay. Welsh ConsDarwin, Bill: Roseview Crescent, Kinmel Bay. IndRichmond, Jacqueline: Hyde Park, Kinmel Bay. IndRoberts, Mariette: Clwyd Park, Kinmel Bay. Welsh ConsSmith, Nigel: Clwyd Park, Kinmel Bay. IndStone, Ken: Clwyd Gardens, Kinmel Bay.Worswick, Peter: Moelwyn Avenue West, Kinmel Bay. Welsh Cons

Llanfairtalhaiarn - twelve vacancies

Davies, Clifford: Bronallt, LlanfairtalhairarnDavies, Derek Owen: Glan Elwy, LlanfairtalhairarnDavies, Melissa Munro: Allt y Powls, LlanfairtalhairarnElliott, Julie: Swan Square, LlanfairtalhairarnFoulkes, Eifion Wyn: Nant Isa, LlanfairtalhairarnHughes, Dafydd Llewelyn Lloyd, Gwern Ciliau, Betws yn RhosJamil, Dr Ahmed: Glasfryn, LlanfairtalhairarnJones, Geraint: Bodchwil, LlanfairtalhairarnLloyd, Ifor Glyn, Cynant Ganol, Betws yn RhosOwen, Rhys: Meddiant, MoelfreWilliams, Rhian Eleri: Llanfair Road, AbergeleWilliams, Ywain PH: Sea Road, AbergelePensarn - three vacanciesHart, Pat: St David’s Avenue, Llandudno Junction. Welsh Lib DemParker, Ruth Nicola: Maes Glas, Deganwy. IndRigal, Cedric Percy: Warren Drive, Deganwy. Welsh Cons

Prestatyn Central - four vacancies

Duffy, Peter: Grosvenor Road, Prestatyn. Welsh LabEdwards, Sherry: West Avenue, Prestatyn. Welsh LabHartley-Johnston, Greta: Mount Ida Road, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsJohnston, Steve: Mount Ida Road, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsJones, Tina: Meliden Road, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsOtter, Denis: Plas Uchaf Avenue, Prestatyn. Welsh LabPercival, Graham Joseph. Cambrian Drive, Prestatyn. Welsh Cons

Prestatyn South West - three vacancies

Cooper, Robert James: Ffordd Penrhwylfa, Prestatyn. Welsh LabFrobisher, Sharon. Ffordd Bryn Melyd, Meliden. Welsh ConsHighton, Diane Elizabeth: Bangor Crescent, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsJones, Glyn Alwyn: Clwyd Court, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsMurray, Bob. Lon Gwyndaf, Prestatyn. Welsh LabSandilands, Gareth. Llandaff Drive, Prestatyn. Welsh Lab

Prestatyn East - four vacancies

Bourne, Gary Alexander: Lon Eirlys, Prestatyn. IndDavies, James Michael: Gronant Road, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsHolliday, Carol: Bastion Gardens, Prestatyn. Welsh LabMarsden, Alan: Llandaff Drive, Prestatyn. Welsh LabMuraca, Linda: Mostyn Avenue, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsSampson, Anton. Fforddlas, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsThompson-Hill, Julian. Gronant Road, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsWells, Ken: Plastirion Avenue, Prestatyn. Welsh LabWells, Veronica: Plastirion Avenue, Prestatyn. Welsh Lab

Prestatyn Meliden - two vacancies

Frobisher, Gerry: Ffordd Bryn Melyd, Meliden. Welsh ConsPaterson, Bob: Ffordd Ty Newydd, Meliden. Welsh LabWorrall, Tony: Brynllys West, Meliden. Welsh Cons

Prestatyn North West - two vacancies

McLellan, Jason Mathew: Woodland Park, Prestatyn. Welsh LabPennington, Allan Geoffrey: Seabank Drive, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsPope, Michelle: Canterbury Drive, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsSzabo, Jan. Brig Y Don, Prestatyn. Welsh Lab

Prestatyn North - three vacancies

Clague, Gwynn: Victoria Road, Prestatyn. IndEckersley, Michael John: Llys Vyrnwy, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsFlynn, Tony: Grosvenor Road, Prestatyn. IndFrobisher, Alice: Ffordd Bryn Melyd, Meliden. Welsh ConsGlass, Gillian Irene: Aber Court, Prestatyn. Welsh ConsGuy-Davies, Carys Louise: Victoria Road, Prestatyn. Welsh LabMorris, Andrew: Overton Avenue, Prestatyn. PlaidPenlington, Paul. The Dell, Prestatyn. Welsh LabTurner, David. Grosvenor Road, Prestatyn. Welsh Lab

Rhuddlan - eleven cacancies

Davies, Janet Ann: Hylas Lane, Rhuddlan. Welsh ConsDavies, Reg: Gwindy Street, RhuddlanJones, Charlie: Heol Hendre, Rhuddlan. IndJones, Frank: Plas Y Brenin, RhuddlanLamb, Nathan James: 14 Tirionfa, Rhuddlan. Welsh ConsMorris, Caradoc Owen: Clwyd Avenue, RhuddlanPenhaligog, Steven: Princes Road, RhuddlanRafferty, Stephen Philip: Clwyd Avenue, RhuddlanRoberts, Arwel: Ffordd Rhyl, RhuddlanRowlands, Gareth Owen: Rhyl Road, RhuddlanSmith, Andrew: Vicarage Lane, RhuddlanTomkins, David Michael: Maes Derwen, RhuddlanWilliams, Gwilym: Ffordd Yr Ucheldir, Rhuddlan

Rhyl Bodfor - two vacancies

Hughes, Janette: King`s Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabSumner, Christine Anne: Russell Road, Rhyl. Welsh ConsSumner, Paul Roy: Russell Road, Rhyl. Welsh ConsWilliams, Peter John. Rhuddlan Road, Rhyl. Welsh Lab

Rhyl Bryn Hedydd - two vacancies

Bellis, John Benjamin: Glendower Court, Rhyl. Welsh ConsDawson, Billy: Beechwood Road, Rhyl. Welsh ConsMellor, Barry: Hardy Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabSimmons, Dave: Highlands Road, Rhuddlan. Welsh Lab

Rhyl Cefndy - three vacancies

Field, Petula Elizabeth: Gwynfryn Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh Lib DemJones, Pat: Ffordd Las, Rhyl. Welsh LabMcCarroll, Margaret: 12 Weston Road, Rhyl. Welsh LabMoylans, Brian Francis: Rhuddlan Road, Rhyl. Welsh LabThomas, David: 15 Arfon Grove, Rhyl

Rhyl Derwen - three vacancies

Chamberlain Jones, Jeanette: North Drive, Rhyl. Welsh LabEspley, Maria: Seabank Road, Rhyl. Welsh ConsJones, Melanie: Burlington Crescent, Rhyl. Welsh ConsLee, David: 14, Diane Drive, Rhyl. Welsh ConsRoberts, Sarah: Frances Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabWilliams, Cheryl Lynne: Meredith Crescent, Rhyl. Welsh Lab

Rhyl Foryd - two vacancies

Armstrong, Ian: Emlyn Grove, Rhyl. Welsh LabButterfield, Joan: Tynewydd Road, Rhyl. Welsh LabEspley, Mike: Seabank Road, Rhyl. Welsh ConsMitchell, Graham, Wellington Road, Rhyl. Welsh Cons

Rhyl Pendyffryn - two vacancies

Rutherford, Andy: Brynhyfryd Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabSiddal, Becci: Grosvenor Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabWilliams, Glyn: Terence Ave, Rhyl. Ind

Rhyl Plastirion - two vacancies

Hannam, Diana: Ffordd Las, Rhyl. Welsh ConsRatcliffe, Stephen Henry: Highfield Park, Rhyl. Welsh LabThomas, Tony: Maes Y Gog, Rhyl. Welsh Cons

Rhyl Trellewelyn - three vacancies

Bennett, Harry: Handsworth Crescent, Rhyl. Welsh ConsJames, Alan Robert: Weaver Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabMullen-James, Win: Weaver Avenue, Rhyl. Welsh LabTasker, Bill: Trellewelyn Road, Rhyl. Welsh Lab

Rhyl Tynewydd - three vacancies

Blakeley, Brian: Cambrian Walk, Rhyl. Welsh LabChard, Ellie: Pen-Y-Maes Ave, Rhyl. Welsh LabGunning, Ian Arthur: Llys Cadnant, Rhyl. Welsh ConsJackson, Peter Eyre: Llys Tegid, Rhyl. Welsh ConsPrendergast, Pete: 21, Trellewelyn Road, Rhyl. Welsh Lab

Tremeirchion, Cwm and Waen, Cwm Ward - four vacancies

Christian, Jennifer Marjory: Marian Cwm, DyserthHodgkinson, Ian Richard: Brynteg, Cwm, Rhyl. IndLitherland, Chris: Rhuallt Rd, CwmMurphy, Becky: Cwm, DyserthSmith, Barbara Ann: Graig Las, Cwm 

Tremeirchion, Cwm and Waen, Waen Ward - three vacancies

Catherine, Janice Wynne: Bryn Morfa, BodelwyddanDodd, Mick: Waen, St AsaphLloyd Williams, Ffion Mererid: Waen, St AsaphMorris, Glenys: Waen, St Asaph

RHUDDLAN councillor Selwyn Thomas has withdrawn his nomination to run in next week’s elections.
Mr Thomas had been due to stand in both the town and county council ballots.

There was also an error in the list for candidates for the three county council seats available in Kinmel Bay. The full list is:       

Anderson, Dr Stuart: Denbigh Circle, Kinmel Bay. IndBevan, John: Ffordd Craiglun, Kinmel Bay. Welsh ConsCorry, Geoffrey David: Denbigh Circle, Kinmel Bay. Welsh ConsDarwin, Bill: Roseview Crescent, Kinmel Bay. IndSmith, Nigel: Clwyd Park, Kinmel Bay. IndStone, Ken: Clwyd Gardens, Kinmel Bay. Welsh Cons   

POSTAL VOTERS across Denbighshire will be receiving their ballot papers over the next few days.

About 13,000 postal votes have been sent out to homes across the county ahead of the local elections on Thursday, May 3.

Dr Mohammed Mehmet, the Returning Officer for Denbighshire, urged residents using their postal vote to make sure all forms are compelted correctly.

“When you receive your postal voting pack, make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully before completing your ballot papers,” Mr Mehmet said.

“Don’t forget to include your date of birth and signature on the postal voting statement. This statement is kept separately from your ballot papers so your vote is always secret. Follow the instructions in the pack to make sure your vote counts”.

Kay Jenkins, Head of the Wales Office at the Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog, has also advised voters to make sure they return their ballot papers promptly.

“Postal ballot papers must be received by the local Returning Officer by 10pm on May 3. So, as soon as you have completed your ballot paper and postal vote statement place it in the envelope and return it to make sure that it is received in good time.”