Pet Shop Boys have announced they will premiere a new musical starring Frances Barber at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Musik will reunite them with Closer To Heaven writer Jonathan Harvey and will see Barber reprise her role of Billie Trix from the 2001 show.

The new one-woman production will feature six songs by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, four of which have been written for the new show.

Closer To Heaven, which ran at London’s Arts Theatre, saw retired rock star and actress Billie Trix narrate the show and the new production will explore her character further.

In a statement, Pet Shop Boys said: “When we wrote Closer to Heaven almost 20 years ago, we loved the compelling outrageousness of the character Billie Trix as written by Jonathan and performed by Frances Barber.

“We have all discussed for many years the idea of creating her own one-woman show which would give us the chance to write more songs for her as she looks back on her incredible career.

“We’re thrilled that this show is finally happening.”

Frances Barber
Frances Barber (Ian West/PA)

Playwright Harvey, who also penned the comedy series Gimme Gimme Gimme starring Kathy Burke, added: “It has been such a treat reconnecting and working with Chris and Neil on this, 20 years after our first foray into musical theatre writing.

“In Musik, Billie, dried up, drug-addled icon and rock star, tells us about her life and sings her biggest hits.

“I can’t wait to see Frances Barber inhabit her again as she did so hilariously and so touchingly all those years ago.”

Musik will run from August 5 to 24 at Assembly Rooms (Bijou venue) in Edinburgh.