FOLLOWING the postponement of their UK tour last week, Mike and Jules Peters will also reschedule their annual Snowdon Rocks fundraiser.

The 14th annual hike-with-music event, on behalf of The Alarm power couple's charity the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHS) , was due to take place at a secret location in Snowdonia from Friday, May 22 until Sunday 24.

Last year's event, which culminated with a headlining slot at Ziproc at the Penrhyn Quarry Zipworld in Bethesda, saw more than 1,500 join the pair, raising more than £25,000 for the charity.

A joint statement from Mike and Jules reads: "Three words which together have been the mantra that’s kept us feeling positive in all kinds of different situations are Love, Hope and Strength.

"In these times of deep uncertainty these three words, and more importantly the actions that stem from them, have never been so important.

"We had planned to host our Snowdon Rocks Weekender this coming May, but due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are going to have to reschedule for another time in the hopefully not to distant future. LHS is committed to making this event happen on a future date.

"Our thanks go to all the LHS volunteers who we know are disappointed that planned donor drives won’t be happening for a while.

"We will also be spending time planning for Sahara Rocks and other events, and making sure LHS can continue to get people on the list and help save and change lives for many years to come."

The cancer charity will continue to support its beneficiaries, and will bring forward grants intended to be released to NHS Cancer Centres across the country in June forward to this month while the health service grapples with the outbreak.

The statement adds: "Personally, we know that our amazing local NHS services, which are already under pressure, need our help now to provide extra equipment and items for the people who need to be admitted to hospital or who need additional support in the community.

"We will be supporting our local hospital’s critical care unit, and we encourage you to do the same if you feel you really want to help at this time.

"We will also be focussing on what our Public Health service here in the UK are advising us to do, so we can help make sure that the risks can be reduced as much as possible.

"Our special thanks of course go to the phenomenal healthcare teams who face a huge challenge ahead."