A TRIO of dystopian dramas is making its way to Bangor.

Cardiff’s pub theatre The Other Room brings 'The Violence Series' to Pontio's Studio Theatre in February.

The Other Room takes the three brand new plays out of its small theatre space and presents them as an immersive live anthology.

It offers audiences in Bangor the chance to ‘binge’ on the series.

The Violence Series is written by Matthew Bulgo, Tess Berry-Hart and Mari Izzard.

Commissioned and produced by The Other Room for the Autumn 2019 season, each play explores the themes that divide us and asks profound questions about the dark side of humanity.

When does an act become violent? Should we really fight fire with fire? How far would you go to avoid it?

American Nightmare, by Matthew Bulgo, is a sharp and cynical thriller which explores the deep-seated divides between the haves and the have-nots against the backdrop of a bleak and not-so-distant American future.

The Story, which marks writer Tess Berry-Hart’s debut in Wales keeps the audience guessing to the very end.

Inspired by Tess’s work with refugees from Assad’s jails and Libyan prisons, it follows the story of a volunteer arriving back from working in a refugee camp to discover that she has become an “enemy of the people.”

The Story interrogates the language of ‘othering’ and the stories we tell ourselves to justify violence.

The Story will be followed during each performance by Hela, an unsettling tale of dark family secrets and vigilant justice by Violet Burns Playwright Award winner Mari Izzard.

It is woven between the medium of Welsh and English, under the direction of The Other Room’s Artistic Director Dan Jones.

Set in a dystopian Wales, where justice is determined by an algorithm, Hela asks questions about whether our obsession with data can ever truly be trusted, and how far we are willing to go to see justice happen. It is produced in association with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru.

Dan Jones said: “It might surprise some people to learn that The Other Room team is entirely made up of 20-somethings. What I love about our young team is that we all feel a relentless urge to defy expectations at every turn – a trend set by the giants whose shoulders we stand on.

Touring an entire season may seem like lunacy to some – and perhaps they’re right – but to me it feels like the natural progression of our work.

" Sharing our work with the rest of Wales is something we’ve never done before, and I’m proud of all the hard work that has been done to make it a possibility.

"The Violence Series is far from a blood bath. Our violence is subtle, insidious and sometimes ridiculous.

"This trio of thrillers champions the best Wales has to offer, with some of our most established artists going toe-to-toe with emerging Welsh and Wales-based talent. We are delighted to bring The Violence Series to Bangor."

See the plays:

American Nightmare, is on Wednesday, February, 12 at 7pm.

The Story + Hela (Double Bill) is on Thursday, February 13, at 7pm.

The Story + Hela (Double Bill) is on Friday, February 14, at 2.30pm

American Nightmare, is on Friday, February 14 at 7pm.

Tickets from www.pontio.co.uk or 01248 38 28 28 or call in at the Box Office.