ANWELEDIG is a powerful and harrowing Welsh language production.

Being performed at Pontio, Bangor's arts and entertainment centre, the story follows the journey of Glenda, played by Ffion Dafis, as she battles to live with severe depression.

In this new, fiercely relevant version of the play, the audience witness Glenda’s harrowing confrontations with the illness.

Recovery is a messy business. Will she find light at the end of the deepest and darkest tunnel?

This is the final instalment of Aled Jones Williams’ Anweledig which was inspired by medical records recovered from the old Denbigh mental health hospital in North Wales.

Anweledig can be seen at the Theatr Bryn Terfel, at Pontio on Tuesday, February, 19 at 7.30pm, Wednesday, February 20, at 12.30pm, Thursday, February 21, at 7.30pm and Friday, February, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £15 or £12 with concessions. The show is described as being unsuitable for the under 14s.

The performance on Thursday, February 21, includes a live British Sign Language interpretation.

The best seats for seeing the play with the sign language interpretation are in the middle of the theatre, in rows Ch, D & Dd.

There is also an opportunity for Welsh learners to take part in a pre-show discussion.

It is to be held at 6.30pm, on Friday, February 22, in the Ffynnon Bar at Pontio.