A CRIME writer has published her sequel novel that explores a series of brutal deaths that terrorise the isle of Anglesey.

J Lewis-Thompson describes her latest book A Tale to Die For as “a psychological murder mystery with a twist” that sees protagonist Ellie Shaw, a criminal profiler continue her investigation into the murky secrets that hang over the island.

Mrs Lewis-Thompson, who was born in Denbigh, said that being familiar with the North Wales area means that she finds it easier to write about and connect with her readers.

“It helps that I know and love the geographical area that I write about,” she said.

“I was so thrilled with the positive feedback that I received after The Puppet Master was published.

“I don’t know if the reading public realises how important reviews are to a writer. They mean as much to authors as they do to restaurants and hotels.”

Mrs Lewis-Thompson was therefore encouraged by readers’ Amazon reviews of her first book that included four and five stars to progress with the follow-up during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ms Shaw attempts to prove a link between the murders of an unpopular member of the House of Lords, a celebrity chef and the boss of a well-known High Street chain.

A Tale to Die For and The Puppet Master is available to buy now on Amazon.