IT'S a big month is December.

Lots of us have huge pressure on to try to create the “perfect Christmas” for our families, and to make sure everyone has fun.

Some throw themselves into everything with gusto, only to regret it next February when clothes still don’t fit. Others might worry about the expense.

Or maybe they find their families flown or circumstances changed – and they might just wish for the opportunity to be able to do any of those things again.

My little article today might just help you prepare to make your Christmas the best ever.


It's dark. Very dark. Get outside between the hours of 11am and 2pm for at least five minutes. Raise your face to where the sun might be. Close your eyes. Soak up the light.


Get your coat and hat on and go out and about. Go to the beach. Climb a hill. Get wind-blown. Take a friend. Take the dog. Or borrow a dog!


Sometimes actions can speak louder than presents. If money is tight, maybe the offer of doing someone a favour might be a good alternative to buying them an actual gift. Perhaps doing some gardening, shopping, cleaning ...?

Or an offer of a trip out?

This works both ways - maybe you could ask people to do jobs for you if you don’t need anything these days.

I love this – it can be a real booster.


Do something active that you enjoy every day in December. Even if its just putting Abba on and jigging around like a Dancing Queen. If it makes you smile and gets you up, it's good.


Women are often not good at this. But during December, more than any other month, try to pamper yourself every day. Separate yourself for a short while if you’re overcome with wrapping, or feeling stressed by people or events. Whether it’s a wallow in a bath, a home-made manicure, a quiet moment away from the hubbub, or an exercise class, try to do something that calms you.

Enjoy the moment too! Everyone will survive without you for a while.


We all love to feel loved. Reach out and make the first move. Contact a friend. Just talk. Someone once said it's good to talk.


Christmas food is notoriously rich. Try to stay off it until Christmas Eve. Then leave it behind you after Boxing Day. There’s a limit to how much “damage” you can do in just three days.


This can leave you fuzzy, tired, pale and regretful. Alternate every alcoholic drink with a sparkling water and rehydrate as you go. And apply tip number six too.


Limit TV time. In fact, limit sitting down time. Just go and do 1-5 as above instead of screen time.


The key to success is planning. Maybe plan what you need to get done before Christmas Day. But also plan what you want to achieve AFTER Christmas, when 2019 is shiny and new and that new leaf has just been turned. Always look ahead.

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