Work on a new Aldi supermarket and discount store B&M Bargains is nearing completion on Mill Lane in Welshpool.

Work has been going at a rapid rate on the Aldi supermarket, the discount store and a pet store opposite the current site of Tesco.

After lying derelict for some years, the buildings have rapidly gone up and shoppers will soon be preparing to use the stores.

Welshpool Mayor Councillor Stephen Kaye is delighted with the stores coming to the area, which he believes will help create a vibrant Welshpool.

He said: “I think people will be pleased to see what is going on and see it is near completion.

“Looking at Aldi it will almost be done soon, and it will increase the town centre a little, but it will help to create a vibrant Welshpool.

“The next step is another town plan and we will look to see what we can do to further boost the town.”

The mayor is also hoping the large numbers of people who have been travelling over the border to other Aldi stores, will start shopping more  in Welshpool.

“Aldi have told us that from their research 20,000 people go over the border to shop, so we are hoping to keep them in Welshpool to boost the town,” added Cllr Kaye.

The mayor has also met with representatives from McDonalds  to discuss the possibility of the fast food firm coming to the town.

However Cllr Kaye believes it is unlikely.

He said: “We met recently but I can’t see them coming.

“They spoke about near the new garage on the Buttington estate, but we wanted it to be in the town.

“Down there is near the canal and we had a lot of concerns about rubbish.

“We mentioned the car park in the town, but from the conversation I am not sure if they will end up coming.

“But things are positive, and it shows the people that we are trying to do something for the town.” 

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We are looking forward to opening our new store in Welshpool in April and the new store will create up to 40 new jobs.

“More information on the career opportunities available with Aldi can be found on our recruitment website,”