Amber Davies' mum says she had to close her eyes when her daughter disappeared under the covers


Josh Morris

Susan Davies, who's daughter Amber is currently on ITV's Love Island says she had to close her eyes during her daughter's more intimate moments on the TV show.

Susan, 49, said: "I was half expecting it. I wasn't sure when, but it's happened now.

"I did watch the show, but I closed my eyes and waited for the moment to end there.

"It wasn't anything explicit, nothing that showed anything, but I don't have to watch it and that's what l'm saying to myself in future.

"She's an adult and knows what she's doing so it's up to her.

"It's difficult because it's a natural thing to do. It's a case of, I don't know, do they forget the cameras are there? They have a bit of alcohol and they're embracing the moment aren't they? It comes with the programme, doesn't it?

"I haven't spoken to dad about it, he was in bed when it was on, and I can't speak on his behalf , but he knows what the programme's like if you find the right person.

Susan say's Amber's social media presence is growing whilst she's on the show.

However Susan says that's also bringing it's own baggage.

"She's getting more and more followers online, she'll have a big shock when she comes out, I think the programme's big this year, it's just the way the world is these days, youngsters love reality TV. It's not what I would watch normally, 

"It's good and bad, but you get that don't you? Some people love her, but some don't like her, it's the fickle world she's entered.

"We're getting more thick sick skinned. There have been some people commenting on what kind of person she is, and they've no idea what kind of person she is

"It's quite sad really, people think they can say what they want to say with no consequences for anyone, which is fine, but I was always taught keep your opinions unless you're asked and if you can't say anything nice don't say anything."

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