Family set to welcome home 'miracle' baby


Staff reporter (Rhyl Journal)

A MOTHER who refused the advice of doctors to terminate her pregnancy could bring her baby home next week.

Vicky Davies, aged 33, and her partner Gavin Wislon, 40, were shocked when doctors told them following a twenty-week scan that their unborn baby had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH).
They were told the condition meant the baby had a 50/50 chance of survival because muscles separating his lungs and abdomen had not formed properly.
“I was advised to have a termination because his chances of survival were low,” said Vicky who has three other children Elisha, 10, Jack, 7, and Thomas, 4.
“We decided there was no two ways about it we were going to give him a fighting chance. He was born five weeks early on May 23 at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and weighed four pounds and fifteen ounces.
“Right at the beginning when he was born he was worse and I had a phone call at 1am telling me there was nothing more they could do for him.
“His lungs were being crushed by his intestines and weren’t forming properly.
“He was dying basically and they said it was up to him and I ran to the ward but ten minutes after I got there he pulled through. When he was strong enough he had a four-and-half-hour operation at Alder Hey Hospital by Professor Losty who put a patch on his diaphragm.
“He also put a patch on his stomach cavity because it wasn’t big enough to hold his intestines.
“The doctors were amazing and saved my son’s life.
“He was eight weeks old when I first got to hold him and that was amazing.
“He’s doing really well now and he’s just taken a full bottle and weighs seven pounds and four ounces.
“His lungs are still developing and his chest dips in when he breathes because he’s working hard and his lungs are smaller than they should be.
“It was Thursday morning when the doctors told us we could take him home in ten days to two weeks.
“There’s a lot of organising to do before he can come home like having the oxygen delivered and arranging for the nurses to come to the house.
“The nurses are teaching me how to change his feeding and oxygen tubes. In hospital his tubes are changed once a week but when he comes home it will be every month.
“We want to raise awareness of his condition CDH because we didn’t know anything about it and there wasn’t a lot of information.
“My advice to other parents is to go straight to the CDH support charity  at
“He’s definitely a little miracle and I just can’t wait to get him home now.”

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