GALLERY: St Asaph couple nurse Daisy back to life


Stephanie Price

AN ABANDONED lamb was saved by a St Asaph couple who nursed the small animal back to health.

Molly Jayne Gaffney, 20, and Phil Gaffney, 28, found Molly in a field next to Gwernigron Farm, St Asaph, when they were walking to work.

Molly said: “We walked up to her because she looked incredibly cute and she was lying down and letting us come closer which a lamb wouldn't normally do. 

“Then we noticed a lot of blood and the fact she couldn't move, we also realised she had been abandoned.

“Her tail was ripped off and bone was sticking out. She was only a couple of days old so without her mother's milk she was dying.”

The couple took Daisy home to bathe and bandage her. 

Surgery was performed on her tail and she is being fed ewe replacement milk.

Molly said: “The vet was adamant that she would not make it but I'd already got attached so I wasn't going to let that happen. 

“We cleaned her tail daily and had to disinfectant everything around her because she didn't have any antibodies because she wasn't getting her mother's milk.

“After a couple of weeks she regained strength and was able to walk. It was imperative we kept her warm to keep her alive so for weeks she slept in a homemade box with four blankets, a hot water bottle and underfloor heating on full blast - with feeds through the night, sometimes she would sleep on our bed because she liked the closeness.”

Daisy is now living over a small fence in the field next to Molly’s farm. 

She added: “She thinks she's a dog – she isn't afraid of humans or any other animal and just loves to be cuddled and to play. 

“She loves to eat flowers and loves baths and being dried with the hair dryer, it's one of her favourite things.”

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