Rhyl mum saved by four-year-old girl's quick thinking


Suzanne Jordan

A MOTHER received the ultimate gift for Mother’s Day when her four-year-old daughter saved her life after she had an epileptic fit.

Bethany Dickin, of Rhyl, raced to the rescue when her mum, Wendy Jones, warned her daughter that “mummy was going to shake”.

Bethany put pillows around her mum’s head and a quilt over her body to make sure she was protected. She then tried to phone her father, Stephen Dickin, but when the call went unanswered, she phoned her grandparents and hurried round to her neighbour's house to get help.

An ambulance was called and on its arrival, Bethany bravely told the paramedics “in full detail” what had happened.

Miss Jones, aged 36, said: “We are so proud of her and by the way she handled the situation. She said she would have phoned the ambulance, but she didn’t know the number - she is only four. I have had epilepsy since childhood. There are warning signs called auras, I just told my daughter that ‘mummy is going to shake’. I collasped, but whilst I was having my seizure my beautiful girl put pillows around my head so I didn’t hurt myself.

“She phoned her daddy but he wasn’t answering so she carried on looking through the address book and phoned her grandparents, she also went and informed our lovely neighbour, who is also Bethany’s godparent. If that wasn’t enough, the paramedics needed to know what had happened so she calmly told them.”

The incident happened last Thursday. Miss Jones was taken to hospital but was allowed home later that evening.

She explained that Bethany, who attends Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, is also epilepic.

“She had her first seizure when she was four months old,” Miss Jones said. “She was quite happy going to school on Friday, she was full of it. She is amazing. It wasn’t just the fact that she was brave, it was her ability to know what to do and how she reacted.

This was the best gift I could have been given for Mother’s Day.”

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