Husband and wife are first to return home after December floods


Stephanie Price

A RHYL husband and wife are among the first residents to return home after December’s floods.

Maria and Michael  Mardon of Garford Road was one of the many people whose homes were devastated by the floods. After three months of hard work she is one of the lucky few to manage to move back in.

Maria, who is a British diplomat, said: “I was working in Istanbul at the time of the floods, it was awful when it happened. I had to get the first flight back.

“I was doubly insured but I had previously cancelled the wrong insurance by accident, which was unfortunate, so this has been financially crippling. It was awful to see all the brand new carpet completely ruined and things floating down the hallway. The water was about 6-8 inches deep.

“We had only bought the house 14 months before and we’d had an environmental review done that said it was low risk and that there was a 1 in 200 year chance of flooding.”

Maria’s brother, Mike Lewis, has been helping her with the house by painting and decorating, along with builder Tony Roberts. Maria said: “Tony has been marvellous. He’s done a huge job in such a short space of time. It was like an army of ants here because he had so many people getting things done.

“We had already planned of having an extension done before the floods so he has managed to do that as well, it is so impressive.”

“It’s fantastic being back home. I feel incredibly sorry for those who have not yet been able to come back. My neighbour didn’t even have a pair of shoes except those on her feet after the flood.

“Some people still have plaster drying or their house is just brick.”
Maria and Michael  have moved back with their two pugs, Manny and Oscar.
Maria added: “They need to rebuild the defence wall with stronger material. It’s very quiet on this street now but not in a nice way.”

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