The Benefits of WAN for Small Businesses



A factor which unites the owners of businesses large and small is that they are increasingly looking for ways to improve, streamline and maximise their business.
In doing this, they may look to a number of methods and one of the newest and most popular methods is WAN, which stands for Wide Area Network.
A wide area network is one which can assist businesses who are spread over a number of locations. Although this might appear that they can only assist multinational businesses, this is often not the case as the benefits can also be applied to smaller businesses that employ people who work remotely or from home.
The purpose of a Wide Area Network (WAN) is to allow data to be shared between sites, and there are a number of benefits to this.
Data size
Many networks, especially those which are not optimised for WAN purposes suffer when larger amounts of data are shared through the data. They may run slower, lose information or crash altogether and when the network is being relied upon by a business, these effects can be catastrophic. The benefit then of having a network which is designed with WAN in mind is that larger amounts of data can easily be passed with little problem or interruption in smaller amounts of time.
Reduction of equipment needed
One of the many problems for large businesses is that the outlay of equipment they require can often hinder their development in other areas. In some cases, the transfer of data on a network which is not optimised for WAN use can require a large amount of equipment and software. However, a system which is able to support WAN needs little in the way of additional equipment which can save money, space and resources in the long run.
Backup of data
One of the many problems associated with the very necessary practice of sharing data between terminals is the ease with which data can be lost. Not only does lost data lead to the potential for lost income or revenue but could also be disastrous if the data which is lost is sensitive or confidential. However, with a WAN, the practice of remote backing up of data is simplified meaning that those problems could quickly and simply be averted.
Expansion of business
One of the largest benefits of a Wide Area Network is that it makes remote working possible and allows the expansion of the business in question; even if they have never considered remote or duel location working.

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