Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident



No one wants to be involved in a car accident, whether it is minor or major in nature. But unfortunately there are people experiencing this very incident every day, and if you happen to be one of them it is important to make sure you know what to do immediately afterwards.
Always stop – no matter how minor the accident appears to have been
This is extremely important – if you don’t stop you’re breaking the law. Don’t move your car: just put your hazards on so people know you have stopped. The last thing you want is to risk another accident.
Has anyone been hurt in the accident?
It isn’t always obvious whether any injuries have occurred. But if you suspect anyone has been injured it is best to contact the police and call an ambulance as well.
Exchange details
Regardless of whether two or more drivers are involved, make sure you exchange your details with all other drivers. This should include your details as well as your insurer’s details. Don’t forget to include your registration number as well.
Never admit blame
This might sound odd even if you think you were to blame, but it can create problems later on. If the other party is believed to be at fault but you said sorry at the scene, you might end up complicating things and being found at fault.
Take some photos if you can
This will depend on whether you have a camera phone with you, and also on whether you can take pictures without causing any problems. For example if the other driver involved is stressed and upset about the incident, they aren’t likely to take very kindly to you taking pictures of the scene. Always keep yourself safe as much as possible.
Another thing you can do once you are safely into your car is to take down some details of the scene and the accident. If it is safe to do so, pull off the road once you have exchanged details and the other driver has gone on their way. You can then note down anything you feel might be appropriate, such as weather conditions and whether the road surface was unusual in any way.
Don’t get involved in an argument

In many ways this is the most important thing of all to remember. Let’s face it no one goes out in the morning expecting to be involved in an accident. You’re going to be shaken up, annoyed and frustrated at best, but it is not a good idea to be angry with the other driver – even if you believe it was their fault. Take a deep breath, stay calm and avoid getting involved in a disagreement even if they are trying to do so. Simply stick to the above points, take the details you need and let the insurance companies sort out the rest. If you do think you have a case for car crash compensation, consider contacting a no win no fee lawyer.

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